1. Hi Tom,

    A fellow fiction guy! Now you’re talking 😉

    Don’t resonate with biz books. I read and actively used one during my lifetime; Think and Grow Rich. Amazing read, but I always pick up more powerful lessons and better exercise my imagination by reading George R.R. Martin. That guy can freaking write. And he helps me become a better story teller.

    Your post helps folks see, if they operate from an abundant space – not trying to wack the ball out of the park fearfully, or desperately – they can earn steady income online through big and small ticket streams, over time.

    Excellent analogy. Genghis would be proud 😉

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Author


      Someone who agrees with me on biz books. They need to make this day an official holiday 😉

      As a copywriter, “Breakthrough Advertising” is like my “Bible”. But apart from that and a couple of other copywriting classics, it’s fiction all the way!

      Yep, he’s a genius. Sick and twisted, mind… But a genius nonetheless. Though I can’t believe he’s let the show overtake the books. If I was an author, there’s no way on earth I could let that happen! I’d write for 25 hours a day, 8 days a week if I had to 😉

      I’m glad you think so; it was my aim. I’ve had enough with all the “gurus” making out as though you can earn 6-figures by putting together a quick info-product, spending $10 a day on Facebook ads, and whacking up a crappy sales letter.

      The truth always prevails… (Or so I hope, anyway.)

      Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Genghis 😉

      Thanks Ryan,


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