1. Hi Tom,

    Oh yes, the good old teaser.

    George R.R. Martin does this as an author with ASOFAI. And the TV series based on these epic novels – A Game of Thrones – follows a similar format. Reels you in. No real end to a book or season, at least no closure. Open ended. Pulls you in. Waiting for the next book or series. Which in George’s case, might mean, Never, LOL.

    Love the message here Tom.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Author

      Hey Ryan,

      Yeah, GoT does it best.

      As for the books, I got up to “A Storm of Swords” book 2, but I decided to stop until the tv series has finished haha.

      And, yeah, at this rate George will have to live to 150 to get the books finished LOL.


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