1. Hi Tom,

    Great video!

    I am a GOT nut. Watched all episodes, read ASOIAF year round. Lovely analogy and the word that is my takeaway; genuine. I do what I do from a genuine, authentic, relaxed space so I align with folks who appreciate me….being me πŸ™‚ This bleeds into my brand, blog, products, eBooks and services.

    Never done income claims. I just share my life experience. Because I blog from love. Not fear.

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


    1. Author

      Hi Ryan,

      Great to meet a fellow GOT nut. Have you ever been to any of the set locations? I’m hoping to go both Croatia and Northern Ireland within the next year at some point.

      Being genuine is absolutely key.

      Sure, flashing rented cars and houses might the “gurus” some short term success.

      But will will they be around 3 years from now?

      Hell no.

      After all, people buy people before anything else. Plus when you’re genuine, you also attract people into your business who are similar to you.

      And what better way of running a business is there than having customers and clients who you actually like as people?!

      Thanks for your comment, Ryan πŸ™‚


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