1. Hi Tom,

    LOL on those first 2 lines!!! Best lead off I’ve seen all month 😉

    Love the message here.

    The thing I finally learned: anybody who criticizes your content is unhappy, and unclear on their life, and this has NOTHING to do with you (since it’s their own projection/perception), well, that helped me publish authentic content without the deep fear of being criticized or judged.

    I am a mirror. If someone appears to lay into me they are seeing something in themselves that they hate. Not good or bad, it just….is.

    So I have fun, let it all hang out (literally in hotter topical climes, but never on social) and attract folks who love my message. If some unhappy folks pop up too, it is their deal, their issue and I avoid jumping on their sinking energetic ship 😉

    Thanks for the powerful share dude 🙂

    Signing off from Thailand.


    1. Author

      Haha, thanks Ryan 😉

      That’s SO true about being a mirror. Whilst the internet is an amazing thing and allows people like ourselves to live a great lifestyle, it’s also a breeding ground for “trolls”.

      I guess it just makes those people feel better about their own drawbacks when they criticize others.

      Oh well, their problem.

      And I did genuinely “lol” with your “literally let it all hang out” comment. Great stuff!


  2. Tom,

    When I decided to become a blogger I was hesitant about posting my content on Facebook. I did not want to be judged or dragged through the mud because of my opinion. Now, I am leary of posting too much personal infomation. However, I am confident that I will find that comfort zone.

    1. Author

      Hey Regina,

      Yeah, it’s tough at first. So many “what if’s” go through your mind. But let me assure you, you’re not alone – this happens to everyone 🙂


  3. Hi Tom

    I’m one of those pussys.

    By the way I like the layout of your article.

    I have a problem with embarrassment in the real world, so I’m reluctant to take on more on line. But I have to reach out.

    My tactic is to get better at content. The better the quality, the easier it is to share. And we should be sharing good content.

    So your prescription is action. I’ve been doing that, but maybe in quiet little unnoticed places. Said I was a pussy.

    So I’ll make a mix of best content and sending it out. Thanks for pushing me towards being more of a lion.

    Miaow, um I mean roar.

    1. Author

      Hi Janette,

      I realized that the first step in overcoming my “pussy-ness” was admitting I was a pussy. So good job for admitting to it yourself.

      Now, you need to unleash that inner lion and put out more content.

      And as for the quality of your content? Quite simply, the more of it you put out, the better it’s gonna get. As Gary Vee says, “More, more, more!”

      Good luck on your transformation to becoming a lioness and the queen of your very own Pride-Rock.

      ROAR indeed,


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